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ONLINE - ENGLISH - Nordic Style Feng Shui - step 4

For you, who want to become a certified feng shui consultant. After the course is finished you have the opportunity to do your certification work in order to get your certificate. What you learned from previous steps is summarised at this step to as well as preparing you for starting your own business and meeting clients. You will get an in-depth understanding of Flying Stars so you are well prepared to help your future clients. At this level you will also have a short introduction to the Chinese horoscope to make you understand that the journey as feng shui practitioner does not end here with Step 4, it has just begun.

The course is also suitable if you are interested in health and personal development as well as architecture, design, home decor and styling to get a broader range of skills.

flying stars 2
introduction to the Chinese horoscope
consultation techniques
presentation skills
build your brand as a consultant
to be a certified consultant
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