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ONLINE - ENGLISH - Nordic Style Feng Shui - step 3

ONLINE - ENGLISH - Nordic Style Feng Shui - step 3

Advanced course. What you learned in Step 1 and 2 is developing and gives you an even deeper understanding of how you are affected by your house, the place where you live and what you can do to balance your life. Eight Mansions is a technique that gives you feng shui on a personal level, while Flying Stars will teach you how to influence your own and your family's well-being in your home. You will find explanations to what you have experienced in previous homes and a what you might experience in your current or future home. Everything is about creating good balance and harmony to feel good and get the life you want. You learn to translate your feng shui skills so that they can be used for businesses and in public environments as well as learning how to do space clearing.
The course is also suitable if you are interested in health and personal development as well as architecture, design, home decor and styling to get a broader range of skills. 

feng shui for business
eight mansions 1 (ba zai)
flying stars 1
space clearing
to do a consultation 2
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