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ONLINE - ENGLISH - Nordic Style Feng Shui - step 2

ONLINE - ENGLISH - Nordic Style Feng Shui - step 2

A slight more advanced course where you will learn more about underlying basics of feng shui. What you learned at Step 1 is developing and allows you to get an even deeper understanding of how you are affected by the shape of your house, the place you live on and what you can do to balance your life. You learn how to use the compass which is natural progress as you move further into the knowledge of feng shui. You also learn about geopathic stress through dowsing,  which is as important as the feng shui of the house.  A nice and well-balanced bedroom according to feng shui is not automatically equal to good sleep and good health. You will learn how the "curry lines" can affect your and your family's well-being and how to find them. 
The course is also suitable if you are interested in health and personal development as well as architecture, design, home decor and styling to get a broader range of skills.         

lo shu
early heaven ba gua
birth of the five elements
late heaven ba gua
placement of the house
geopathic stress; curry lines, hartmann lines, water
feng shui in the garden
tai chi
tiger/dragon analysis
compass ba gua
analyse the floor plan
to do a consultation 1
7500 SEK