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ONLINE - ENGLISH - Nordic Style Feng Shui - step 1

ONLINE - ENGLISH - Nordic Style Feng Shui - step 1

A foundation course where you learn how to create beautiful and practical rooms with a lovely atmosphere. In this course you will find tools for making healthy, beautiful and balanced environments using the tools of feng shui. What you learn will be useful, for the rest of your life, whether you use your skills as a new profession as a feng shui consultant or for your own home.   

The course is also suitable if you are interested in health and personal development as well as architecture, design, home decor and styling to get a broader range of skills.                           

chi enhancers
movement of chi
clear the clutter
command/power position
yin & yang
plants indoors
the five elements
the western ba gua
feng shui in the home
7500 SEK